I’ve been thinking.

I wish there was a way to show the world what it looks like, through my eyes, when I’m not wearing my glasses.

As base as that sounds, I mean it.

There is a great excerpt from Andy Warhol’s autobiography which I think perfectly exemplifies my train of thought

“Everyone could be seeing at different levels if it weren’t for glasses.”

Can you even imagine?  To me at least, it is mind-boggling to think about a world where everyone saw things differently.


Beauty. Stature. Power. Beliefs. Fame. Color. Proportion.

Everything would be distorted.


Oh Andy, how you get my mind churning.

Thank goodness for those ancient Egyptians and Romans.

Forget Franklin.  As much as I appreciate the guy, he was a founding father, but not of the monocle.

Good night.  And good luck.



I have not seen a sober sunrise
since I moved to New York,
like lava erupting across the sky
clouds moving so fast.
There are few times I look back
on my college course
“weather and climate”
and am aware that I’M ON EARTH.
And in a flash
it’s done.
The sky is strictly blue again.

Happy 49th Birthday Papa Bear.

It’s a little late, but there can’t be a holiday season without Bob Dylan’s odd video that makes you wonder if this is what Jewish people think Christmas is all about.

The song itself is disturbing when compared to Dylan’s epic career, but either way, I love Dylan’s hair in this video and want to be at this party.

great covers

A marching bands interpretation of Royksopp’s “Happy Up Here”

First Aid Kit do a live cover of Fever Ray’s “When I Grow Up”

*it’s a bummer it gets cut at the end, but this is the best live video of them I’ve found

resin at its best

I made a new friend last night who is an art handler and a wonderful artist himself.  Always a great type of person to meet and feed off their knowledge of new talent.

He introduced me to the work of Dustin Yellin, a Los Angeles-born New Yorker who works with many different mediums, mainly creating 3-D pieces by layering resin and glass.  We also share the same Cancer-Leo cusp birthday, always a good sign. (pun!)

Here is some of his most recent work that I think is exceptional

The Gymnast and the Gunfighter

Red and Gold Half Skull

Power Lines




whatever happened to faded, grainy videos that dealt with teen angst and romance??  Damn you 21st century!

my shower song

Also used wonderfully in a new TH ad campaign