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…who invented pockets?? 

NO! NO!  not those pockets!  (That is the result I got when I tried to google this).  Those pockets were the brainchild of the Merage Brothers in the 1970s.

Anyway, I mean theeeessse

I came up empty in my research.  The only concrete information I found was that  their invention was a collaborative effort, they started out as pouches worn on one’s belt, and a popular 19th century nursery rhyme mentioned them.

So once I got to thinking about how dangerously rad and perfectly magical pockets are, I started to think of the cool things that can go into pockets themselves.  Just think:  pocket knives, Polly Pockets, pocket watches (which have specific homes called “fob pockets”), pocket combs, pocket dictionaries, pocket flasks!  So many lovely things…

Clearly I was not of a sober mind when I initially had these thoughts.

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Leslie Mann is lucky I love her because this movie was lit-er-ally painful to sit through.

What was Judd thinking?  Two thumbs up to LM for being adorable and charming as usual.

To the rest of the cast – shame on you.

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