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Clouds moving by(e)

Whilst your ash(e)


Onto your hands

That have aged

At age twenty-four


The clouds

Moving faster than I thought they could.

So fast.

The way a globe spins for a fourth-grader.


I realize

Lots of things.

You’re happy.

You’re confused.

It. Is. Ok.


I listen to my beloved friend(?)’s voice

And feel clear;

Sinus, slam-the-door clear.


Breathe, you dummy.


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I’ve been thinking.

I wish there was a way to show the world what it looks like, through my eyes, when I’m not wearing my glasses.

As base as that sounds, I mean it.

There is a great excerpt from Andy Warhol’s autobiography which I think perfectly exemplifies my train of thought

“Everyone could be seeing at different levels if it weren’t for glasses.”

Can you even imagine?  To me at least, it is mind-boggling to think about a world where everyone saw things differently.


Beauty. Stature. Power. Beliefs. Fame. Color. Proportion.

Everything would be distorted.


Oh Andy, how you get my mind churning.

Thank goodness for those ancient Egyptians and Romans.

Forget Franklin.  As much as I appreciate the guy, he was a founding father, but not of the monocle.

Good night.  And good luck.

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so I heard this band at a diner in the city, and unbeknownst to me they’ve been around awhile…in Australia.  But check it –



Am I right??  I said, am I right?

Humor me and watch this

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