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The guys at Point Blank Creative came up with their list of the Best Videos of 2010 and I pretty much agree with them – very cool stuff.

That is all.



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in honor of the Golden Globes


Mark Zuckerberg

P.S.  Doesn’t this song give you the chills??

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j’adore ceci

Cette musique est magnifique pour l’hiver.

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As if I haven’t wanted to go to Coachella ever year since I learned about it, this video, which was shot, directed, cut and finished by Sam O’Hare, makes me want to go even more!

We’ll see if money plays in my favor this year

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whatever happened to faded, grainy videos that dealt with teen angst and romance??  Damn you 21st century!

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Veronica Sawyer at the end of Heathers



Granted I’m going to have to explain my costume to practically everyone, I don’t care.

I thought of the idea in January* and I’m sticking to it.


*This was while I was going through a phase of inviting cute boys I met in bars (or outside my apartment) to come over and watch the movie.

Probably not the best pick-up line or first impression.

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