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The guys at Point Blank Creative came up with their list of the Best Videos of 2010 and I pretty much agree with them – very cool stuff.

That is all.



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I’ve been thinking.

I wish there was a way to show the world what it looks like, through my eyes, when I’m not wearing my glasses.

As base as that sounds, I mean it.

There is a great excerpt from Andy Warhol’s autobiography which I think perfectly exemplifies my train of thought

“Everyone could be seeing at different levels if it weren’t for glasses.”

Can you even imagine?  To me at least, it is mind-boggling to think about a world where everyone saw things differently.


Beauty. Stature. Power. Beliefs. Fame. Color. Proportion.

Everything would be distorted.


Oh Andy, how you get my mind churning.

Thank goodness for those ancient Egyptians and Romans.

Forget Franklin.  As much as I appreciate the guy, he was a founding father, but not of the monocle.

Good night.  And good luck.

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I have not seen a sober sunrise
since I moved to New York,
like lava erupting across the sky
clouds moving so fast.
There are few times I look back
on my college course
“weather and climate”
and am aware that I’M ON EARTH.
And in a flash
it’s done.
The sky is strictly blue again.

Happy 49th Birthday Papa Bear.

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It was recently brought to my attention by the folks at Storycorps that my post about my recent and infamous habit of sleeping late and losing jobs doesn’t exactly put me in a favorable light.  So, I figured I should update and clarify my behaviors.

After exactly one year of being in New York City –  a year that I’ve been told can “make or break you” and indicate whether or not this city is the love of your life  – I’m gradually returning to my old self.  My scholastic, self-deprecating, under-slept self.  But in a good way.  I’ve sewed my wild oats, as they say – or at least most of them.

I’m at that point in life where I need to start focusing on the things I love and want to accomplish more than anything else.  Hence, why I applied for this internship and nailed it (despite them reading my earlier blog posts about irresponsibility, tardiness, and termination).

I am returning to that feeling of excitement, thrill and fear that you get when your brain can’t stop inventing and creating.

And I am so damn excited about it.  Wish me luck.

For your viewing pleasure

Q & A

(insert tissue box here)

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watch it!

Anytime there is  Woody Allen-Diane Keaton pairing, you know it’s bound to inspire gut-wrenching laughter.

This movie seems to have gone off many people’s W.A. radar I think because it came between Sleepers and Annie Hall.  Tough break.  But the film is freakin’ brilliant!  How could it not be?  The Woody-Diane one-two punch, Russia, a plot to kill Napoleon, witty but dark philosophical banter?  Pure joy if you ask me.

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do you love science?

I’ll be honest – this post is a little self-satisfying.  But it will better you!

I interned at NOVA last summer and it was unreal.  Nicest, most helpful people.  And they create amazing programs so they are completely RAD.

Like THIS:

But go HERE to see all of NOVA‘s goodies.  WATCH THIS ALL THE TIME

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F the phone commercials.  I still love these Cambridge babes.

It makes me wanna dance!

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