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so, before you read about my lack of writing for the past five months, I will give you the lowdown on the specific sensory details during this time.


-several of these-

-escaping to nature-


-90’s on repeat-

-living in a Hasidic neighborhood-


-working endless hours at a Mexican joint-

-summer fruits-


-New York summer-

-Grand Street bakery-


-outside during “witching hours”-

-attempting to quit-




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Well I did it again.  I failed to blog for two three four almost FIVE months.  The lack of legitimate deadlines will be the bane of my creative writing existence.

I will first attempt to sum up the month of April, a month in which Mercury was in retrograde and therefore made my life feel like an hourglass turned upside down.  Not because time was flying by, but because it felt like a whirlwind.

March 31, 2010

I’m fired!  (From my 9-5 pants suit job because I overslept twice)

April 1st

I’m hired!

April 11th

I’m fired (Because I overslept twice  – notice a pattern?)

So, I decided to embrace this freedom and do the following:

After that, who knows what happened??  The past few months have been a beautiful smoggy haze.

Los Angeles at dawn.

It’s a bizarre thing to study something passionately for four years and later realize, “Man, I don’t want to do this.”

I am sure  hundreds upon thousands of people are feeling the same way, but I was pretty sure I knew my plan.

And now I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not feeling self-loathing or severely confused on a day-to-day basis; it’s just a trip to finally figure out that your goals at one point in life are not necessarily your goals down the road.

Re-reading what I just wrote, this all sounds like a “no kidding” moment, but for me, this is a truly poignant moment in the aging process.  To rethink your entire future is amazingly exciting but unsettling.

So, from this point on, these are my inspirations, as I try to figure out what the F is going on:



welcome to my current frame of mind!  I am going to seriously attempt to keep up with transcribing my life for ya’ll surfers.

ciao ciao.

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