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Do you know what that is?? 

It’s Minnesota’s state flower. 

Don’t worry, I didn’t know either – but I want to!  I want to know all about this country.  Even though at times I curse our nation’s name, someone decided to take the time and effort to give all 50 of us flowers, songs, even nicknames.

Therefore, one of my March goals is to educate myself about

the US of A.  I was inspired by two things:  my friend Fotini who is obsessed with the United States and its history; and Jay Leno’s segment on The Tonight Show.  To see how completely brain-dead the average American is makes me feel like Charlie Brown – Good grief.

So, as I go on my journey through interesting facts about this infant country, I will keep you informed, and together we will help educate the masses – capiche?


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watch it!

Anytime there is  Woody Allen-Diane Keaton pairing, you know it’s bound to inspire gut-wrenching laughter.

This movie seems to have gone off many people’s W.A. radar I think because it came between Sleepers and Annie Hall.  Tough break.  But the film is freakin’ brilliant!  How could it not be?  The Woody-Diane one-two punch, Russia, a plot to kill Napoleon, witty but dark philosophical banter?  Pure joy if you ask me.

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Is anyone else channeling the 90s and late 2000s like I am??

Yes, this video/song are as emo as it gets,


this guy (David Helfgott)

composed the song


this guy

is in the band.  Granted he was anorexic at the time this song was recorded, he was a babe.  Then and now.


he’s married to

which EQUALS

Australian music royalty!

Have a rockin’ 90s day!

 P.S. If you don’t know who David Helfgott is, you should.  Rent the movie Shine ASAP.  He’s brilliant and so is the movie.

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