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The lovely Lucy Moe is off doing wonderfully kind deeds in Kenya and needs your help!  Attend this event!  Bring your friends!  Donate through Pay Pal!  Do something to help this little lady keep doing good in the world!  please and thank you!


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No?  He’s the Texan that has illustrated these gorgeous paper dolls for decades.

T.T. created his first book (see above) in 1976, getting the idea while thinking of a unique Christmas present for his mother.

He attended the Pratt Institute (which is right in my backyard) from 1954-1955, at the age of 26, after serving three years in the U.S. Army as a recruiting artist.

In addition to being an artist, racking up expertise in painting, sculpture, fashion illustrations as well as lithography, print making and graphic design, T.T. also studied dance.  In the mid-50s T.T. studied ballet and tap dance, and later helped create a children’s dance troupe called the Paper Bag Players.

To round out his list of accomplishments, he also studied singing in the late 60s, restored a farm in New York state, co-wrote a book about the history of film costume design, and was a professor at Marist College.

And lastly, let’s not forget these little cuties!  Overachiever?  Nay.  He’s brilliant!

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do you love science?

I’ll be honest – this post is a little self-satisfying.  But it will better you!

I interned at NOVA last summer and it was unreal.  Nicest, most helpful people.  And they create amazing programs so they are completely RAD.

Like THIS:

But go HERE to see all of NOVA‘s goodies.  WATCH THIS ALL THE TIME

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…who invented pockets?? 

NO! NO!  not those pockets!  (That is the result I got when I tried to google this).  Those pockets were the brainchild of the Merage Brothers in the 1970s.

Anyway, I mean theeeessse

I came up empty in my research.  The only concrete information I found was that  their invention was a collaborative effort, they started out as pouches worn on one’s belt, and a popular 19th century nursery rhyme mentioned them.

So once I got to thinking about how dangerously rad and perfectly magical pockets are, I started to think of the cool things that can go into pockets themselves.  Just think:  pocket knives, Polly Pockets, pocket watches (which have specific homes called “fob pockets”), pocket combs, pocket dictionaries, pocket flasks!  So many lovely things…

Clearly I was not of a sober mind when I initially had these thoughts.

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i thought i was over her…

…but im not!

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F the phone commercials.  I still love these Cambridge babes.

It makes me wanna dance!

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Inspired all day by

and her

My favorites from the collection

Black place iii

At the rodeo

From the lake no. 1

Corn dark

Blue and green music


Other memorable things:

Omar Fast has a great three-part film installation.  Initially felt eh about it, but each part of the series gets better and better.  It is up until Feb. 14, 2010 so GO

And this lady is lovely – revolutionary for her time.

Alice Guy Blanche

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